Schedules for Sanity


If it weren’t for schedules I would not be able to balance a job, full class schedule, volunteering and directing music like I do.  Today I am going to walk you through a few of the affects of over scheduling, give some suggestions and show you what I do to keep my schedule on track!



In today’s “rush, rush ,never gonna stop society” ,its important to be sure that you organize your “to-do’s” and “where-to-be’s” in order to  not over schedule yourself. The American Academy of Pediatrics(or AAP )reported that “Colleges are seeing a generation of students who appear to be manifesting increased signs of depression,anxiety, perfectionism and stress”.  Students who over schedule themselves also tend to be disorganized and constantly tired.  Running from place to place with no time for a mental or physical break or continuing past a preset bedtime wreaks havoc on our bodies. Denise Clark Pope, PhD, a lecturer at Stanford University, describes the effects of over scheduling on our sleep: “There has been a serious problem with sleep deprivation. It’s not unusual for 30% or 40% of [the students] to get 6 hours or less”. (For reference college students should be getting 8+ hours of sleep every night. )

Calendars and schedules have become my best friend. I have a schedule for my classes/work and for my volunteer hours. I have a whiteboard calendar that shows me what assignments are due when and when I have exams. I also have a planner that I carry with me that holds everything.

Here are a few ideas for scheduling/planning to keep you on track and allow you some time to socialize and relax.

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So I figured I would use this page so you could get to know a little about me!

My name is Courtney Chambers and I’m 19 years old. I am from Meridian, Idaho but currently live in Pullman, Washington where I attend Washington State University. Go Cougs!

I was born in Boise, Idaho which is the capital but I was raised about 30 minutes from downtown in a city called Meridian! Meridian is one of the larger surrounding areas. It used to be one of the most rural areas. Even from when I was a kid I remember areas where there is now a huge theater and shopping mall, that there were fields of onions and sod. It was exciting to see all of the new development around me but I miss the old fields.

Growing up I decided I wanted to be a chef so I started cooking and baking  with my mom. I was named the cookie master and every hunting season my dads friends would ask me to make cookies! As I continued on in school, I got accepted into a high school that would allow me to graduate with my Associates Degree but I had to solidly choose my major. After much debate I decided that cooking wasn’t really my thing but science and animals were.

I had grown up with a hunter for a father and was exposed to the insides of animals from a young age. My father taught me to respect the animals we harvested but also not to be afraid of what was in them. I grew up having a couple of fish and 2 cats: Lady and Ringo. Lady was my best friend! She would sleep on my pillow at night and knead my hair. It was great to wake up to a cat purring in the mornings. I don’t remember much about Ringo except that he loved to play fetch.

When I was 6 Lady died and Ringo had been put down because he had severe diabetes. It was sad but the sadness had been somewhat replaced by our new fluffy puppy named Zorro! He is a Husky/ Chocolate Lab mix and the most handsome  boy you have ever seen!

After moving houses we adopted my sweet blonde girl: Daisy! She loves the sunshine and to have her belly rubbed. She gives the sloppiest kisses and is just adorable! She is also a bed hog.

Just about 5 years ago my family and I went on the search for a new cat child! We had been to 2 places looking for a cat and my dad, the one who initiated the search, would not agree with us on one, My mom had found an obese Tabby named Mambo and my brother, mother and I fell in love with him. My dad however had found a temperamental kitten that he desperately wanted. Since we couldn’t agree we moved on to a third location and after getting frustrated with the arguing my mother took of into the dog kennels. There is where she found her best friend Skippy. We call him her therapy dog because he always manages to make her smile and they have the strongest bond. Its adorable!

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This is Me

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Courtney Chambers and I created this blog to help other students like me!

I am a first generation student at Washington State University where I study animal sciences. I came to this school, 300 miles from home, not knowing even one person and absolutely confused about what “adulting” actually meant.

My first year I went through 3 roommates, 4 fish and a crab. Some how I survived a part time job, full class schedule, volunteering for the WSU Raptor club, directing music for my YSA ward (LDS Church) as well as competing at the FFA National Convention.

There are soooo many things that I wish I had known before and after I came to college and got myself worked into this wonderful mess of an adventure. Things like, should I look for a job? What can I do to gain experience in my major?  How do I save money, what is the best way to study/stay organized and what do I do about this crazy roommate of mine?

Knowing all of these questions I had, I want to help those of you upcoming students, parents of student and the cool cats that are currently enrolled in a college or university, find the insights you have been searching for!


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