This is Me

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Courtney Chambers and I created this blog to help other students like me!

I am a first generation student at Washington State University where I study animal sciences. I came to this school, 300 miles from home, not knowing even one person and absolutely confused about what “adulting” actually meant.

My first year I went through 3 roommates, 4 fish and a crab. Some how I survived a part time job, full class schedule, volunteering for the WSU Raptor club, directing music for my YSA ward (LDS Church) as well as competing at the FFA National Convention.

There are soooo many things that I wish I had known before and after I came to college and got myself worked into this wonderful mess of an adventure. Things like, should I look for a job? What can I do to gain experience in my major?  How do I save money, what is the best way to study/stay organized and what do I do about this crazy roommate of mine?

Knowing all of these questions I had, I want to help those of you upcoming students, parents of student and the cool cats that are currently enrolled in a college or university, find the insights you have been searching for!


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